David Prytz

Through his practice, Prytz works on kinetic sculptural installations, that sometimes spread across several rooms, suggesting a new connection of surfaces and the interior. Created mainly on the site of their display, his sculptures tend to incorporate found material that he collects when discovering the surrounding environment. Prytz holds an MA in European Art Practice and a BA in Fine Art from Kingston University, London. An exciting element of his practice is the fact that he requires from the visitors to step closer to his sculptures and discover the various elements interconnected in each of the works.

Selected exhibitions include „The Vacancy“, Galerie Crone, Berlin (2015); „Literal“, Galleria Mario Iannelli, Rome (2014); „Kalin Lindena / David Prytz“, After the Butcher, Berlin (2013); „Stienitzsee Open“, Stienitzsee, Berlin (2011); „Opening the exit“, Tudor House, London (2010); „One more“, Toilet Gallery, Kingston upon Thames (2009); „Art & Disgrace“, Bargehouse, London (2009) and „MDF (Mega Dumb Fresh)“, Century Theatre, London (2008).