Tamara Friebel

Tamara Friebel is a composer, performer & artist educated in composition, electroacoustic composition at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts Vienna, Huddersfield University and in architecture at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, RMIT. She completed her PhD in composition with a portfolio of works, „Generative Transcriptions, an opera of the self“ in 2013.  Since 2005 she has worked as a sound artist, in composition and performance.

Recent Commissions and Projects include: with Jeunesse, Ensemble Platypus, SNIM, Klingekunst, Elektronischer Frühling, Alte Schmiede, Brut Künstlerhaus, V’elak Gala, Porgy & Bess Vienna, Jazzwerkstatt, Moë, Szene Salzburg, ArgeKultur, Ensemble Reconsil, The Arches Glasgow, E-may, Wien Modern, Ensemble Phace, Huddersfield Contemporary Festival, IEM Graz, Qubit New York, SARC Belfast, ORF Graz – Vienna, Schoenberg Centre Vienna, Studio for New Music, Moscow, Vienna ORF Portrait Concert.